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No magazine in the world can connect you to Catalina sailboat owners like Mainsheet can—and that fact has been true for nearly 40 years. We stir our readers’ love of sailing with every issue and we do it with beautiful photography-rich features, compelling sailing tips, and factory-approved technical articles and how-tos.

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Mainsheet mails PHYSICAL COPIES of the magazine to thousands of Catalina sailboat owners every quarter.


The overwhelming majority of Mainsheet readers reside in the United States.


Mainsheet readers OWN Catalina boats. The magazine is a perk of membership in one of the official Catalina Sailboat Owners Associations, so you can rest assured that our readers ARE active sailors.


Mainsheet magazine is the only publication where 100% of the technical articles enclosed are APPROVED by the factory. So readers are always presented with the facts about their boats and how to safely modify it.

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